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    Construction Chemical

    We provide all the products and support.

    Water Treatment Chemical

    Kenal's water treatment chemicals offer superior performance characteristics and are ideal for industrial effluent treatment including wastewaters from food, dairy, oil, textiles and chemical industries; the treatment of potable and process waters, sewage effluent, paper processing (as a sizing agent), emulsion cracking, water recycling and more.

    Floor Solution

    Kenal can provide comprehensive self-leveling floor solutions for customers.This system includes different types of mortar, decorative aggregates, special pigments and paste for mortar , polishing chemicals, equipment and tools, as well as a complete construction process.

    Flotation Chemical

    Flotation chemicals are a generic term of the various chemicals used to achieve or promote flotation, including xanthate, dithiophosphate, frother, activator, depressant, PH adjusting agents, dispersant, flocculant and so on.

    Waterproof Material

    Waterproof material is a building structure to prevent the infiltration of rain, snow and groundwater; to prevent erosion of the moisture in the air, steam and other harmful gases and liquids; separation structure to prevent to turn the drainage. These impermeable, seepage and erosion materials are collectively referred to as.

    Iron Oxide

    Iron Oxide Pigment has excellent physical and chemical properties, which is a high covering power, good color applying performance, soft color, stable performance, non-toxic and environment-friendly, alkaline resistant, stable to specific weak acid and diluted acid, excellent light-resistant and time resistance performance. And Iron Oxide Pigment is not soluble to water and has excellent anti-corrosive and anti-ultraviolet ray performances.


    Geosynthetics is a combination of synthetic materials for civil engineering applications, it is a synthetic polymer (such as plastic, chemical fiber, synthetic rubber) as raw material, made of various types of products placed between the soil surface, or various kinds of soil, or soil role play to strengthen protection.